A Great Gift Any Time of Year!

Click on a gift certificate amount below and at checkout time you'll be asked to enter the email address of the recipient. Immediately, we'll send them an e-mail containing a Gift Certificate Code that they can use to buy all types of Homestar stuff. (Sorry, we don't have actual gift cards)

Gift Certificate Codes can be used to buy any item in our store and they also cover shipping and handling charges.

Twenty Dollar Gift Certificate

Twenty Dollars goes a long way at the Homestar Store! The recipient can choose from Posters, Stickers, DVDs, T-Shirts and more and still have enough to cover shipping and handling!

Twenty Five Dollar Gift Certificate!!

Twenty-five dollars is the perfect amount for those times when $30 seems too much but $20 is not enough. (Like for your nephew's birthday). If you're "the rich uncle," order two and treat 'em to a $50 shopping spree!

Thirty Dollar Gift Certificate

Go for the Thirty Dollar gift certificate if you're feeling guilty because you don't know the person well enough to buy them something specific!